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Longevyouth Cream

Keeps your skin younger


Delivers cellular energy •

Stimulates cell growth •

Reduces wrinkles •

Firms & antioxidizes •

Reduces sebum and balances the skin microbiome •

Increases cellular respiration and metabolism •

Nourishes and energizes •

Deeply moisturizes and softens •

Revitalizes and strengthens aging skin by triggering inner • growth factor TGF and skin thickening signals DKK1 

Rejuvenates and promotes wound healing •

Stimulates collagen and increases elastin production •

 Brightens the skin and helps pigmentation •

Illuminates the skin •




Because aging is optional! 
The skin is designed to live and rejuvenate constantly. Basically, it is not supposed to die. If we give the right products to the skin, we can unlock the mechanism of self-repairing and constant rejuvenation of the skin.

Based on science and old traditions we created a comprehensive range of products, which are designed to give all the necessary tools for the skin to perform and stay young and healthy.

Our main goal is to repair the damaged DNA of the skin. We do it by creating a biological "stress" for the skin in order to stimulate the longevity processes & new, healthy skin cells to grow. DOMA cream boosts the energy of these cells and nourishes the skin with just the right food. It also protects from harmful bacteria that cause issues such as acne when creating the right environment for good bacteria to live and thrive. It further keeps the skin moisturized with a specially designed double strength moisturizing formula that also prevents damage from harmful UV.



In 2 to 8 weeks most people experienced significant improvement in skin moisture:


  •  decreasing depth of wrinkles

  •  tighter, brighter & glowing skin

  •  no increase in spots

  •  skin moisture

  •  no sensitive reactions.


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