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Keeps your skin younger

Longevyouth Cream

New DOMA, founded by top facialist Donna Maneva, supports the mechanisms of skin cell rejuvenation and cellular repair. High performance skincare DOMA comprises of unique, luxurious natural and organic ingredients, scientifically proven to give all the necessary tools for the skin to perform at its best and stay youthful and healthy.

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Delivers cellular energy •
Stimulates cell growth •
Smooths wrinkles and fine lines •
Stimulates collagen •
Increases elastin production •
Revitalizes and strengthens ageing skin •

Reduces sebum and balances the skin microbiome •
Increases cellular respiration and metabolism •
Firms, nourishes and energizes •
Deeply hydrates and rejuvenates •
Brightens and illuminates the skin •
Promotes wound healing •
Helps pigmentation •
Suitable for all skin types •


DOMA Longevyouth Cream is packed with natural ingredients that are ‘hand-picked’ to play specific roles in delivering cellular energy, stimulating cell growth and collagen production, whilst balancing the skin microbiome and encouraging wound healing for smooth, hydrated skin. With its unique mousse-like texture, Longevyouth Cream is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, possessing a lightweight, airy consistency, yet leaves skin feeling deeply nourished, energised and illuminated.



Because aging is optional! 

The skin is designed to regenerate itself constantly and with the right products, we can unlock the mechanism of self-repairing and constant rejuvenation of the skin.

Based on science and traditional skincare secrets from around the globe, DOMA is a comprehensive range of products, which are designed to give all the necessary tools for the skin to perform and stay young and healthy.


Our main goal is to repair the damaged DNA of the skin by stimulating and boosting cellular energy, so the skin can repair and rejuvenate itself.


The unique DOMA formulation, a key group of ‘pillar’ scientifically proven ingredients that run through the whole DOMA range, consists of a selection of micro-algae such as Plankton Extract and Eco Marine Algae to support the skin microbiome, natural retinol and a type of bio ferment which is a unique yeast derived active ingredient, shown to stimulate cellular energy, promote collagen synthesis as well as stimulating elastin production. 


Using the same key active ingredients throughout all DOMA’s products, they can deliver direct, continuous doses of the actives at lower levels during the day and night, which produce better overall, long term results whilst respecting sensitive skin types and reducing the risk of skin reactions. 

Donna says, “I believe that this specific combination of ingredients and powering up the actives in this way, can make a tangible difference to the skin, balancing the microbiome, increasing lymphatic circulation, encouraging wound healing, strengthening the skin barrier, reducing inflammation, decreasing wrinkle depth whilst smoothing the skin and enhancing radiance”. 


In 2 to 8 weeks most people experienced significant improvement in skin moisture:


  •  decreasing depth of wrinkles

  •  tighter, brighter & glowing skin

  •  no increase in spots

  •  skin moisture

  •  no sensitive reactions.



Apply a tiny amount of the mousse like golden moisturiser and it seems to expand and absorb across your skin as if it had a life of its own. Leaves you looking dewy and refreshed without any greasy/heavy after feel that you get from a lot of high-end moisturisers.

Due to the way it seems to spread so evenly and without clogging on the skin's surface it really does go a long way when just using a small amount.

...although it feels so good on your face it's hard not to end up wanting to use it every hour....for a little sunshine burst for the skin and the soul :)

Luke Kirwan 

I had the pleasure of using Doma - both the cream and the serum. The cream has souffle like consistency, its thirst - quenching and beautifully hydrating without being heavy.


My skin felt smooth, soft and hydrated. The same effect was observed with the serum. The cream contains live cultures, which I am a massive fan of as these precious natural substances help restore the balance within the skin microbiotic environment. Beautiful products, which, as an aesthetic doctor, I fully recommend.


Dr Anelia Hinova 

MB BS, FRCA, Level 7 Aesthetic medicine and Cosmetic dermatology

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