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This is how Longevyouth was born. Longevyouth is a skincare range with conscious ingredients and real results. I am pleased to deliver hope and new youthful skin to my customers through my product range.

In DOMA we are focused on efficacy, safety and the preservation of the environment. WE took a step further in it when we chose not only to use sustainable materials for our packaging but to create packaging that customers would love to keep and use instead of throwing it away.  




Our Philosophy

Longeveyouth is a child of the marriage of experience and curiosity. As a facialist and skincare specialist for 18 years, running a high-end clinic from Harley Street, London, I never accepted ageing of the skin as a normal part of life. I wanted to make a change and find a way to keep our skin healthy and young. I have spent the last 18 years researching, traveling and collecting knowledge and experience regarding skin care. 


My curiosity took me to places with ancient wisdom and secrets on how to stay young and prolong life. Many of the scientists now agree that ageing is a disease and all the signs of ageing including ageing of the skin are preventable. My passion has been to be a part in this collective effort in beating ageing. Being on that mindful journey, I had discovered  that the secret of youthfulness has three key elements - hydration, cellular repair and  an youthful mindset. I was able to create a unique formula, which builds a bridge between ancient knowledge and the latest scientific discoveries.


Prepare for DOMA to become the secret to your ‘I wonder what she is doing’ glow. 

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