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DOMA is proud to work with DIRT – Foundation for the Regeneration of Earth, an environmental charity founded by model, environmentalist and sustainability consultant Arizona Muse by donating 1% of the sales of each purchase towards DIRT’s work with regenerating soil through supporting the Biodynamic Farming Movement.


More about DIRT…
Everything we need, have, and use, is grown in soil including the ingredients we use in our skincare. DIRT is an independent charitable organisation working towards regenerating soils that have been degraded by conventional agriculture and mining. DIRT aims to increase soil fertility, biodiversity, water retention and absorption, greenhouse gas sequestration, and community wellness, as well as educating farmers on healthy land management, including biodynamic farming.


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DIRT works to regenerate soil globally by supporting and helping the biodynamic farming movement to expand. Everything grown in soil could be grown biodynamically for all our benefit. It uses no chemicals at all and makes its own compost on the farm to fertilise the soil, omitting the need to purchase chemical fertilisers which are harming soil microorganisms and eventually us. With each passing season, the soil on a biodynamic farm becomes healthier and nutrient rich which makes everything we use and need including skincare, far more nutritious and healthier for us.  

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