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My goal was to achieve a high-performance product, which gives real results but does not cause harm to our environment. I consciously picked each ingredient with that in mind. For every ingredient, I asked the questions: How does it affect the skin and how does it affect our water supply and environment when washed off? I can now proudly say the majority of our ingredients are completely natural and organic.

As far as packaging, I wanted to create packaging that was reusable. I've always disliked buying all these beautiful products to then end up throwing away the packaging. It always felt disrespectful not only to the designer of the packaging but also to our environment, especially when most packaging is non degradable. This is why we put a lot of thought and creativity to our packaging and are so proud of our beautiful cork box. While doing the research on this, I was thrilled to learn about the cork industry and its work to support the environment.

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Products designed with our planet in mind.

In order to create a sustainable cosmetic product, I was focused on both the ingredients and the packaging. 



Here are a few facts you may also find exciting:
Cork is harvested from the Cork Oak Tree. Our cork boxes come from Portugal where the Cork Tree is the national tree. Cork trees are so important to the communities in Portugal that they are protected by law. It is a crime to cut them down. Producing and harvesting cork requires no tree to be cut down. Once the layer of cork is stripped, the tree will be left to grow its bark untouched for another 9 years. Each tree lives up to 200 years.

Cork trees are grown in their natural environment. They need to live 25-30 years before being harvested for first time. Cork landscapes are some of the most important eco systems in the world because of the impact on other plants and animals and sustain a rich mix of biodiversity. Cork oak forests are a big carbon dioxide store. Cork harvesting is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly type of forestry. It is carried out entirely by the skilled hands of local workers rather than machines.

As this critical moment in the Earth's changing balance, environmental awareness is not so much a choice as a reality. Choosing cork material for my packaging is a vote to live a sustainable life, in harmony with nature.

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